so things are very scary on a personal level.

I feel awful dumping this all on you when I’ve just started this blog, but I need a lot of help.

I was given an eviction notice this morning stating I have to move out of my apartment and pay $5600 in back rent today, or my landlord will file a lawsuit. I’ve had a lot of problems keeping up with my rent because of unemployment and health problems, so none of this is a surprise although it is extremely upsetting. Since I don’t have anywhere to go on such short notice, I have no choice but to stay put and be sued. I’m hoping to avoid the lawsuit and eviction by paying off the back balance (or a significant portion of it) as soon as possible. I’ve started a fundraiser page, and I also have a PayPal account for people who want to donate to me directly. If you can’t donate, first of all please don’t feel bad. Second, if you feel comfortable doing so, please share the link to my fundraiser on social media and anywhere else that’s appropriate. I’m going to try and keep going with this blog while I deal with this situation, so thanks in advance for bearing with me while I go through this.

YouCaring Fundraiser Page

My PayPal


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